Friday, February 4, 2011

Why I am in love with music....

Because music is like putting feelings into art. Music gives my uncreative soul a way to express itself. Yes, perhaps it is through other artists- but that's why music is amazing. There are so many songs that take me back: to a person, to a moment, to a situation, to a friend's situation. They take me back to good memories, to moments and situations I'm happy to have overcome, and bring back mixtures of feelings that just make me feel so...alive. They also help me to see and realize my hopes and dreams. What kind of person do I want to be? What kind of love do I want to find someday? I love that I can think and feel all of this through music. It amazes me actually.

I love when I hear a song and it just...takes me back. For better or worse, it reminds me how much I can feel (which, to me, is always a positive thing). I can't listen to Jason Wade's "You Belong To Me" (my go-to travel song) without it transporting me back to the rocks in Italy, staring at the sunset for hours. I listened to B&D's "It's Getting Better All The Time" on repeat for...about a week straight when my first love (of four years) and I broke up- really my first experience with lost and/or relationshipinal (<--- that word, copyright MGM) loss. It takes me back to my dorm bed, crying and "ruined" and wasting away with greasy food, a best friend, and Tylenol PM. But, my point is- these songs seriously take me back to these places- no time travel necessary.

Anyways, I'm sure everyone hears songs and thinks, "Hey! That's me! That is my situation." Sometimes, it's awesome to realize how alike we all are and how we are all so different. What made me think of this to begin with was that I was listening to Kenny Chesney's "Somewhere With You" on youtube...I happened to scroll through the comments and saw:
what do u do if your wife
feels different then you
i just want to b with her
dont think i have the fight anymore
drove all the way from billings mt 2
wagner sd put this song on replay the whole
719 miles
tk u kenny4 a great song

I thought to myself...I've been this person! (After I thought..."this person has horrible English skills!") Anyways...I've been there. I've felt that feeling. It's crazy how all of our situations feel (key word) so unique to only us...but they probably aren't. We all feel. We all experience happiness, sadness, loss, gain- sometimes in immense amounts. At least, that is what I hope for everyone. The greatest blessing this life has given us is the capability to FEEL. For better or worse, use it wisely.

The Soundtrack that inspired this blog (and my life)...

Dave Matthews Band- Grace Is Gone
Levi Lowrey- Wherever We Break Down
Brooks and Dunn- It's Getting Better All The Time
Kenny Chesney- Somewhere With You
Joshua Radin- I'd Rather Be With You
Jerrod Niemann- What Do You Want From Me
Jason Wade- You Belong To Me
Montgomery Gentry- Gone
Jay-Z- Empire State of Mind (aka Cause We're in Nnneeewwww YYooorrrkkkk)
Taylor Swift- The Way I Loved You
Jack Johnson- Better Together
Eric Church- Love Your Love The Most

Of course this list is not near fully complete (not at all!)...and is subject to change, to growth, to is my life =)